SpEd Inquiry – Andrew Robson

Personally, I had never had the opportunity to work with individuals with exceptionalities. I had taken classes on how to work with them but I never had the opportunity to actually experience it. My SpEd inquiry I wanted to do a case study on a girl in my science 10 class with autism. She is very high functioning does very well academically. She also has a full time EA and having the chance to work with her was very interesting.

One of the first things I wanted to learn was how to access and read IEPs. I was able to access them by talking to LST and Bases teachers. They were extremely helpful and showed me how to read them. I realized that each student has their own Goals and objectives, and then the IEP will include strategies to use in order to reach those goals.

In this particular case the student had autism. Before starting I wanted understand autism a little better. I’ve included some of the information I was able to gather in this PowerPoint.

Special Education Inquiry

After familiarizing myself with both the students IEP and autism I was able to compile a number of strategies that I could use to help this individual. The main focus of her IEP was on the self regulating and improving social skills. Some strategies I would like to try include: helping the student work on her communication skills by addressing a number of key components, create a visible list of rules that students can follow when engaging in group work, have more conversations with the student so I can get to know her better, and use strong examples of students who are effective communicators. Another technique I would be interested to try is creating a script for the student to following when partaking in group work.

Much like AbEd this is an area I am still becoming comfortable in. I would like to learn more about SpEd and continue to gather resources that will assist me in the future.

This is a work in progress.


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