SpEd Inquiry: Why are students not getting assessments sooner than later?

Before I started the teaching program, I was volunteering in a K class. In that class there were 3 students who needed support in learning and one who needed learning and behavioural support. I volunteered in the same classroom for the entire school year and only one student got a behavior interventionist for three weeks. This kept me wondering what is the future of the other students who didn’t get assessed in Kindergarten? Are they going to just keep dragging along? This led me to my practicum where I was placed in a K class. In this class, there was one student who is an ELL student and secondly he had a shunt put in on his right side on his brain at birth due to complications. This has affected his speech. In October, my SA told me that there is a request put in  for an assessment. When I returned back at the end of January for my practicum, he still hadn’t been assessed. It is now the end of March and there is no assessment scheduled. With only 2.5 months of the school year left, will he get an assessment this year or not?


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