Patricia So – SpEd Inquiry

SpEd Q: How can I create an inclusive classroom environment for students with behavioural issues without making them feel as though they are different from others?

My understanding of Sped has been insightful in terms of how much work and time is needed in order to build a student’s confidence in the classroom and building the sense of belonging for them when they feel like they are seen as different from the rest.

Through observation of the student with ODD in the classroom and in reflection of my own interactions with the student I have found myself questioning what strategies I can bring in to the classroom to help the student feel included and more comfortable with her peers. This does not only apply to this particular student but for other students as well, which makes me question and reflect about the struggles  that a student with ODD can have when there are other students who do not have the type of mentality that she does.

The student with ODD in the classroom is a grade 6 student that I have been working with in order to slowly build her confidence in the classroom by having her think more positively about herself and about her day in general. Through observations and interactions with the student, I have found that her outlook about herself can be self-deterring in terms of work habits and in confidence. Therefore I have had her write down how she feels at the beginning of the day and then asking her later on in the day to write down positive things that happened in the day. This strategy was not as successful as I had hoped as I do not think that she had grasped the idea or intent behind it but I plan on giving her sentence starters in order to prompt her in the right direction. I also think that I should be a part of this process and give her feedback for what I think are positive interactions/moments in the day. I am taking small steps to help her and hopefully planting a seed for her in terms of a more positive outlook and the goal will be to have her be more interactive with other students in the classroom and have her feeling more included in the classroom.

This inquiry will be continuous and challenging as each student has their own needs and unique ways of learning. This is what creates excitement in the job as it generates the brain to think of new ways of teaching and working with students to help find what is best for them in terms of strategies for learning.

Templates used for the student:

Positive Outlook            Positive Daily Journal


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