Steven’s SpEd Inquiry

My Question for SpEd inquiry started general: How do I balance out the time spent helping students with designations compared to the students without designations? Do I spend more time with students that are diagnosed?


It was a good starting point but with time, I got to know my students better and started to develop individualized inquiry for each of the students to make sure their needs were part of my planning for each lesson.


  1. How do I make sure my student with Autism feels comfortable in my class?
  2. How do I make sure my students with Learning Disabilities are keeping up in PE?
  3. How do I make sure my student who is legally blind is keeping up and following along in class?


As I dive into the realm of special education for individual students, I have not forgotten about my original question surrounding how to balance time spent with all students. I still don’t have an exact answer for how much time I need to spend with any given individual as this differs daily. There were times when I needed to spend time with my top academic students and little time with my students with designations but that could change on different day.

So far my own answer to my inquiry question is: it depends. It depends on the students that I am working with and the content I am teaching. As for my individual students with unique functions, I have created a powerpoint with strategies that I am incorporating into my teaching practice. Some of the strategies I am using are not just for these students with exceptionalities but the whole class. I am learning a lot from the students with designations because as I think of new ways to make my class inclusive and ensure that differentiated learning is occurring it is bettering myself as an educator and it is also benefiting the other students in my class as well.



Quick summary of what I am doing in my class to allow these students to be more successful.

SpEd Inquiry Steven Wang


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