Steven’s AbEd Inquiry

My Question: How do I bring aboriginal content in to my teaching practice while being authentic with the content at the same time?

How do I bring AbEd into my teaching practice regularly?

At the start of this journey, I was having trouble wrapping my head around Aboriginal education and how I could possibly bring Aboriginal content into my Science and PE classes. As my journey has continued over the past 6 months, I have realized that it’s not about taking specific scientific content and making it aboriginally specific but rather about how I can incorporate and relate aboriginal content into my teaching practice. Some point in my journey I had a talk with my colleagues in the module and with their help I came to realize the importance of the First Peoples Principles of Learning (FPPL). I started incorporating these principles into my teaching because they were relatable and it was a realistic way to incorporate AbEd. Whereas, the specific scientific content that I initially thought I needed to incorporate into my aboriginal teachings was not realistic to incorporate day in and day out into my lesson.

With that said, if I can make the specific scientific content relation, I would try my best to bring it into my lesson. In my Prezi there are 2 examples of scientific content relating it to the aboriginal perspective.

Underneath I have attached a Prezi Presentation that documented my journey through using the different FPPL. Within the Prezi there are links to resources as well.


This is a website that I came across while I was surfing the web to try and educate myself more on the topics of Aboriginal Education.

In the website it breaks each of the FPPL into individual points and goes in depth on how it relates to the core competencies of the new curriculum. As well it shows how each of the principles can relate in a classroom context.

I think my inquiry is starting to shift towards incorporating Aboriginal principles in my lessons more frequently and have a better explanation for my students on my intention behind using these principles. Because that’s is the best way for me to be authentic.







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