Alex’s SpEd Inquiry

As I started my practicum I knew I was going to have some students who needed my extra attention and help but I always struggled with giving them that constant attention and not being sure how to split my time with the rest of the class.  That led me to my inquiry of How can I create an including environment with my Special Education students without putting too much attraction or emphasis on them?

In the first couple weeks of my practicum I made sure that I got to know each of my students, allow the class to be comfortable with me and each other so there could be that positive relationship where my students feel comfortable with me helping and teaching them.  I began to realize which students needed my extra attention and would plan lessons so I could work with them one on one so they could understand.  I noticed this became too much and it caused me to not get to know the rest of my students just as well.

2 weeks in I had the pleasure of receiving a peer tutor for my class and it was just what I needed to help me figure out my inquiry.  I also realized that a lot of my time with students individually was to explain in more detail the task at hand or any questions; so I soon realized something I could do to help with that was make everything visual and available for students to read and handle on their own.  Not only did I find this was a great technique for my few students who needed it, but it was also something great for every other one of my students as well.  So I began to do these small changes for my entire class (as I figured it could benefit them as well), not just my handful of students who guided me the thought.

So not only did I utilize my peer tutor to help me work one on one with my students so my presence could be all around the classroom, but I also found great adaptations that could benefit everyone instead of singling my needed students out.

This is an on-going inquiry for me and it is slowly changing as I progress through my teaching; the more challenges I face the more research and refining I will need to do.


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