AbEd Inquiry- Devie Amundsen

My Question: How to foster an interest in Aboriginal culture and traditions in the classroom.

I have learned a great deal about the importance of Aboriginal knowledge and cultural practices though the First Peoples Principals of Learning. By critically examining each principal at a Professional Development day, I see the relevance and importance of bringing Aboriginal perspectives into my everyday life.

There are many ways to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives authentically into the classroom in order to foster an interest in Aboriginal culture. The principals of learning can be incorporated into the classroom in many ways. For example daily sharing circles, teaching students through the mind, body, and heart, connecting learning to the community, and including authentic texts and media resources into your lessons. The most significant thing I have realized is that Aboriginal principals are not restricted to teaching specific content or subjects, they should be an important part of your pedagogy. Here is an excellent resource that can help you understand the Principals more succinctly and see the relevance of them to your classroom.  https://firstpeoplesprinciplesoflearning.wordpress.com/

Attached is a power point I have created which list ways that can have a positive impact on student’s  interest in Aboriginal culture and traditions.

AbEd Inquiry

By: Devie Amundsen, Email damundse@sfu.ca, Twitter @DevieRose13





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