A Beautiful Mind


In my Kindergarten class I have 23 children, all unique in their own way and all whom require specific needs in different areas.  During my practicum, I have had the pleasure of a new student join our classroom community.  Student B has shown great excitement and enthusiasm for school and learning but has never been in a preschool or classroom setting before.  Student B has Autism and has very specific needs that need to be met.

My inquiry and challenge as a student teacher has been focusing on how to prepare myself accordingly for this student’s arrival and how I can educate and prepare my students for their new classmate.

One of the ways I prepared myself as a student teacher was to start to build my knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I created a resource package I will be able to add to as well as to refer back to throughout the rest of this practicum and going forward in to my teaching career.  This resource package includes: basic definitions, symptoms, risk factors, behaviour and communication patterns, and strategies for success.  It also includes online resources I found helpful and informative, school resources I have used, literature resources, and a 2 page written summary of how I am using my inquiry in my teaching practice.

SpEd Inquiry- Autism Spectrum Disorder



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