Ally Ykema – SpEd

I am currently placed in a Grade 2 class. There are no designations in the classroom, however, there are certain students who may receive a designation in future grades. This inquiry led me to my question – How do I aid students and benefit their learning best if they may have a special need, but are not yet designated at a young age? This question led me to begin exploring self-regulation strategies and social-emotional learning, and how the two can be connected. I have implemented certain strategies from Stuart Shanker’s book titled Calm, Alert, and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation, as well as strategies from Occupational Therapist Marc Landry’s document titled “Hey! My Brain Doesn’t Work That Way! Understanding Sensory Processing, Teaching Self-Regulation, Promoting Stress Management”. In the attached document you will find my main “take aways” that I have either incorporated into my classroom environment/practice, or taken notes of and hope to incorporate into my practice in the future.

Ally Ykema – SpEd Annotated Resources


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