Ally Ykema – AbEd

Throughout my PDP experience, I have been exploring the questions – What are relevant and authentic Aboriginal educational resources that I can incorporate into the classroom community and my units? How can I begin to decolonize my practice?

These two questions have led me to a variety of resources. First, I adapted my Health and Career/Social Studies unit for my practicum from FNESC’s resources, specifically the primary resources. This valuable resource led me to find authentic stories that I was able to read to the students throughout the unit. These resources also provide you with authentic texts (without pictures) and other resources you may use. The two stories I used were:
I Like Who I Am – By: Tara White
The Rabbits’ Race – By: Deborah L. Delaronde
If you have not had the opportunity to visit FNESC and the amazing resources they provide, check it out here –

It was not until exploring authentic resources that the second question of my inquiry arose. This question led me, and continues to lead me through a more personal, life long journey. When exploring decolonizing my practice, I looked through an article, as well as a reference booklet from McGill University and UBC. In my attachment you will find my main “take aways” from these two documents and strategies I have tried and plan on beginning to try in my classroom and future classrooms.

Ally Ykema AbEd Inquiry Annotated Resources


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